Week 7 Update

Our seventh week was a blast! Vault 6936 went out to the Miami Valley Regional competition and performed wonderfully for a rookie team. We had a lot of fun competiting and talking with other teams, talking strategy with other allaince members, and viewing the wonders of science and innovation compacted into one stadium floor.

The team was happy to have visitors suchs as the mayor of Beavercreek and representatives from the Air Force swing by our pit and talk to us about the competition, team, and our lovely robot named Bolt. While our robot didn't perform so well in the beginning practice matches (tipping over isn't an ideal action for Bolt), our drive team and pit crew quickly thought of a solution that fixed the weight distribution problem well enough to get us throuhg the rest of the competition.

This year, our team was sponsored by Team 3138, the Innovators, who we got to play with and agaisnt multiple times throughout the 3 day competition. That series of fortunate events was celebrated by all; our teams have a great relationship with each other. Overall in the competition, we placed 35th in general ranking, 10th in offensive power rating, 19th in defensive power rating, and 14th in overall contribution to winning the game rating.