Week 1

Vault 6936 Updates Week 1:

  • Prototyping the different robot components (base, pulley, etc.)
  • Programming the basic robot movement
  • Building the field
  • Practicing driving the robot around various obstacles (picking drive team members)
  • We will be participating in the Robots amongst us at Wright Patt Airforce Base

Vault 6936 has started off its first year with a bang! Our team members have already begun preliminary designs for the robot. This involved prototyping different robot parts, such as its base and block-grabbing mechanism. The team ended up deciding on using a simple claw mechanism to pick up the game piece. The programming team has also gotten a great start, experimenting with some designs on the already-built testing robot. Drive team members have already begun their practice as well, learning to maneuver around different obstacles on the team-constructed field. Good luck to all of the teams! Our very first competition will be on January 28 at the Nutter Center, and we hope to see teams there!