December 10, 2017: Mock Kickoff

Last Sunday, we came together as a team to emulate the 2014 FRC Kickoff. We were accompanied by two regional mentors from the Innovators team 3138 and pizza was provided at a discounted rate by Jet's Pizza.

In completing a mock-kickoff, we hope to prepare for this coming season. We began by watching the introductory video. Afterwards, we divided into teams and examined the rules and developed ideas on how to complete the task of the game. Next, we came together to share our questions, concerns, and ideas. We then went upstairs to explore the parameters of the game using human players. As we played the game, the "robots" tested strategies for obtaining the most points. After a few rounds, we further investigated the possible events in the game by distributing handicaps. This experience will assist us in working through this year’s kickoff.