Build Season Week 6

Build Season Week 6

This is it guys, we are nearing the end of FIRST FRC build season and we are ready for lift off.


The CAD team has been working on mocking up a design for the lift mechanism. The plan is to create a lift that enables our robot to reach hab level 3, or in the event of time constraints, at least hab level 2.


The build team has been the busiest of all the teams here at Vault HQ. They have been finishing the wiring on the robot and have been working with the CAD team to consturct multiple pit items and structures. These new structures include a robot battery cart, trusses, and workbenches. The robot is nearing completion and the build team is very excited to see their hard work in action.


Programming has been working on getting our Raspberry Pi to function correctly. Initially, we placed it on the vertical beam that connects the linear actuator to the robot's arm, but now we are remounting so that we are able to program it effectively.


The business team has been busy managing sponsorships, finances, designing the pit, organizing outreach, and planning logistics for the upcoming season.

New For You!

Due to the approaching date of Bag Day, us here at Vault 6936 feel it is our duty to notify parents of Miami Valley Regional competition dates. You can find these times, locations, and dates on the homepage. For more details, click here to visit the official Miami Valley Regional for official times and an official itinerary.