Build Season Week 5

Build Season Week 5

It's week 5 of the FIRST Robotics Competition's build season and the team is chugging along in it's attempt to bring an amazing robot into existence.


The build team is almost finished fleshing out the robot into it's final form. The robot this year will have a large metal arm that is able to rotate via a linear actuator (A device that allows mechanical parts to move up and down or side to side). The team has confirmed the name of the robot to be "The Lorax", a popular Dr. Seuss character.


The CAD team is working on our pit design for this year. They are also working on designing a functioning lift mechanism for our robot. We plan on using either a jack screw design idea for the lift or a scissior-lift idea. It all comes down to what our team is able to do with the provided materials.


Our programming team has been hard at work creating a program to run the intake for the robot, a rolling-wheel design that is able to grab both cargo (balls) and circular hatch panels. The program must also be able to run the lineal actuators so the drive team is able to operate the robot efficiently. They will accomplish this by entering code and using different types of feedback devices.


Business has been on the task of public image. The business team has recently begun updating the team's social media more frequently. You can access these pages via these links: Twitter,Facebook,Instagram.They have also been keeping on top of the team's banner creation, award applications, pit design, financial management, sponsorships, and much more.

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