Build Season Week 2

Throughout Week 2 of Build season, the Vault members have been working vigorously. We’ve accomplished quite a few things. We have narrowed down the potential prototypes for picking up cargo and hatches, and climbing mechanisms. The CAD team started on recreating prototype designs. The build team finished building the chassis, has built some field elements, and has been continuing to prototype. The business team were working on designs for buttons and t-shirts, learned how to use a video editing software, making sure everyone has signed their parent consent forms, and taking inventory and cataloging into our budget. The programming team worked on the mecanum drive code. A mentor and Ross McNutt, converse over the "jackscrew" prototype.

We have found a solution to our dilemma concerning the water bottles that have been left unattended. For those who fail to properly take care or dispose of their water bottle by the end of the day, they are to put 50 cents into the “Jar of Shame”. The proceeds will go towards the robot parts that are needed. Check out some of the highlights from Week 2! Click any of the links below to view the videos! Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Warmest regards, Rebecca Liu and Elizabeth Apple A member shows off the new moving arm prototype. Three members working on the mecanum wheel drive on the chasis for our robot this year.