2019 FRC Kickoff


It's 2019! And the members of FRC Team Vault 6936 are gearing up for their second season in the FRC competition! This year, FIRST has announced its game for the season. Everyone, prepare to enter DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE! Initial brainstorming occured in the early afternoon of January 5, 2019, as teams from all over the Miami Valley discussed the rules and any possible strategies they may be able to utilize in the upcoming season. Vault is looking forward to the season ahead and wishes all of the other competing teams good luck during the competition and build season. GO VAULT!!! The teams congeregate in auditorium for the FIRST broadcast. Students discuss and stratagize their approach to the game this year. Vault Mentor Ross McNutt tests the teams on their knowledge of the game. An image of the DDS "HAB" platform, an integral part of the FRC game this year.