WOW Alliance District Championship

On May 19, Vault 6936 was invited to compete at the WOW Alliance District Championship at Otterbein University in Columbus, OH. This truly was an honor for our team, as only 32 teams from across our region were invited to compete. WOW stands for Western and Central Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and is a group of teams that are familiar with one another within the region.

At the WOW event, Vault 6936 let our backup drive team have control. For their first start, they did pretty well: we won one of our 5 matches and ranked 27th amongst the best teams in our area. After the qualifying matches, each team was chosen to be a part of a four team alliance. We were chosen as a fourth robot by alliance captain O-Zone, 4611, who ranked 3rd.

O-Zone's first two picks, Mavericks, 2252, and Delphi E.L.I.T.E., 48, played in the matches, while we remained on the sidelines, waiting as backup and cheering for our partners. Our alliance made quick work of both the sixth and seventh ranked alliances, and advance to the finals. In a two match sweep, we lost to the first ranked alliance. Our team was excited to have won our first banner - even if it isn't the traditional winner's blue.

Thank you to all of our playoff alliance partners at WOW for choosing us, and congratulations to the winning alliance. Next year, we would like to return to WOW and take home first place instead!!