FIRST® North Championship

From April 25-28, Vault 6936 competed at the FIRST® North Championship in Detroit, MI. We earned our way into the prestigious event by winning the Rookie All-Star Award, which recognizes great potential in a first-year team. Over 400 FRC teams along with hundreds of FTC, FLL, and FLL Jr. teams compteted at the Championship. Our team was shocked at the number of fantastic teams and incredible robots that we saw. In the qualifying rounds, our team played well, but often only offered ancillary help to the powerhouse teams we played with. Despite this, we beat the odds and ranked 29th in the Darwin Division, the second-highest rank of any rookie team in our division.

Unfortunately, we were not selected to compete in the playoff matches on Saturday, where 32 teams from each division battled for a chance at finals. We stayed and watched as the greatest robots in the world duked it out round after round. Finally, the final two alliances (eight amazing teams) played in a spectacular finale at Ford Field. Congratulations to the winning teams: Stryke Force, 2767; Team RUSH, 27; Lake Effect Robotics, 2708; and Centre County 4-H Robotics, 4027.

The chance to experience such an awe-inspiring event in our first-season truly has shown us the expanse of FIRST® and the heights that teams can aspire to reach. For next season, we hope to earn our way back to the Championship and place even higher than we did this year. It will be a tall order, but we are up for that challenge.