More Than Robots

When most people hear about FIRST® Robotics Competition, they think of one thing: robots. Rightfully so, as robots make up a huge part of the FRC experience, and the word is in the name. But there is so much more to an FRC team than just the robot, which means that there are so many opportunities for students to flourish on FRC teams, whether that is building a robot or otherwise.

Each FRC team is set up like a miniature business. Of course, there are those students that work on the "product" (the robot), but there is so much more to do. Teams must design their own T-shirts, buttons, and logos; set up websites and social media outlets; seek sponsorship and donations; participate in community outreach events; write essays; and so much more. If a team were only to focus on the robot, they would find themselves far behind other FRC teams - lacking money, unity, and awards.

Teams like ours need those students who are interested in these aspects of the FRC experience. Often, however, such students are pushed away by talk of STEM careers and majors that many do not wish to follow.

Not only do teams require students interested in the business and marketing side of things, but they need mentors too. Mentors with a background in business, marketing, branding, or websites would be appreciated on any FRC team.

Any students or potential mentors interested in FRC but not in robotics should not be deterred. If you live in the Dayton,OH, area, contact us at . Or find a local team using FIRST®'s team and event finder